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penting untuk semua.. tentu korang semua sangat uke makan western food kan,kan,kan??? terutamanya stik,chicken chop,lamb chop,lamb shank,sherped pie,mashed potato ect,ect,ect.......

[merujuk dari seorang yang membuat kajian tentang WORCESTERSHIRE SOUCE, ternyata ia TIDAK HALAL!!]

I've always had a difficult time pronouncing Worcestershire sauce (the correct pronunciation is
wOOs'ter-shîr). But I do love the taste of it. I'll admit I don't know very much about food, but I do
know that Worcestershire sauce definitely has a lot of zing and flair when compared to other
Which brings me to my main point. A few days ago I was having a meal and dipping some meat
into some Worcestershire sauce and the bottle was setting next to me on the table and I glanced
at the label and said aloud to my wife who simply ignored me: "I wonder what the ingredients are
in Worcestershire sauce that produce that unique tongue-zapping bite?"
Then I grabbed the bottle
and read the fine print where the ingredients were listed:

Vinegar, molasses, water, peppers, corn syrup, salt, soybean, corn protein, ...
Hmm... Nothing out of the ordinary so far. I read on.
Garlic, onions, lemon oil, cloves, anchovies, caramel coloring...
Wait a second. Anchovies? Aren't those little fish? One definition for anchovies that I found after
typing 'define: anchovies' into Google was: "small, silvery fish that are usually cured with salt."
"Fish are in Worcestershire sauce?" I responded aloud, looking toward my wife who was then
watching television and not paying any attention to me. At the very bottom of the label I saw
listed in bold capital letters:
Strange. My curiosity was piqued. I would have to consult my local library about this and bother
some of the research librarians until I got a satisfactory answer. According to the book,
by William Poundstone, there are entire anchovies contained in bottles of Worcestershire
sauce. Over time, the bodies of these small fish gradually dissolve into the sauce as it ages and
ferments, and the meat of the anchovies falls off the bone.
But where do the bones go? They also
dissolve into the sauce. How can bones and skeletons dissolve in sauce, you may be wondering.
Well, it's a known fact of chemistry that if chicken bones are placed in vinegar, they will
completely dissolve after only a couple of months; and since the aging process of Worcestershire
sauce (stored in large 6,000 gallon vats) is a minimum of two years before it's released to the
public, you probably won't find any fish skeletons in your sauce any time soon.

Also, if you examine the very bottom of a bottle of Worcestershire sauce, you'll most likely
notice some dark brown sediment collected there, which is made up of various spices that have
been added for flavor and preservation reasons. Coriander, cloves, crushed walnuts, brandy,
mushrooms, mace, sherry, all of these will be found in various brands of Worcestershire sauce,
but the overall salient ingredient is something called 'asafetida,' also known as "devil's dung."

(You can see why most labels do not list this name, which comes from the spice's foul aroma -
when stored in a container, asafetida must be air tight so that people do not get nauseous from
inhaling it.)

Asafetida is a bitter spice slightly similar to garlic that comes from a tall plant shaped similar to a
carrot. Only a tiny amount of asafetida is used in Worcestershire sauce because of its extremely
bitter taste, which lessens with the cooking process. Asafetida is also thought to aid digestion,
reduce flatulence, and help with cases of bronchitis and asthma. Strangely enough, wolves like
the smell of asafetida; and fisherman also use it to attract pike and catfish.

But anchovies and asafetida are not the only unusual ingredients in Worcestershire sauce. Guess
what else it has?
Meat. That's right, my friend. William Poundstone says in his book, Big Secrets,that either beef extract or actual pork liver is commonly added to most brands of Worcestershire
sauce. And many of the major manufacturers do not admit this on their labels, although some of
the lower brands will. For some reason, the big Worcestershire companies aren't too proud of
adding beef or liver to their sauces.

You may be wondering how pork and anchovies manage to keep from going bad in
Worcestershire sauce if the bottles are setting on shelves for awhile and not being refrigerated.

Well for one, the anchovies and meat have already been fermented;
and secondly, the sugar and
vinegar in the sauce prevents any harmful bacteria from setting in.

So there you have a few surprising ingredients you probably didn't know were included in
Worcestershire sauce. Be careful, you never know what you may be consuming, even in common


secara kesimpulannya...

>>dalam WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE MUNGKIN mengandungi HATI BABI,ikan bilis atau kandungan daging2 yang kita tidak dapat ketahui kerana TIDAK dinyatakan dalam label..
>>hanya sebahagian kecil(label/jenama tak terkenal) yang menyatakan kandungan tersebut pada botol sos keluaran mereka..



artikel ini telah dipetik dari penulisan seorang yang teruja ingin mngetahui kandungan sos ini..

Bio: Jason Earls is the author of Cocoon of Terror (Afterbirth Books), Heartless Bastard In
Ecstasy, How to Become a Guitar Player from Hell, Zombies of the Red Descent, If(Sid_Vicious
== TRUE && Alan_Turing == TRUE) {ERROR_Cyberpunk(); }, Red Zen, and
0.136101521283655... all available at and other online book stores. His fiction and
mathematical work have been published in Red Scream, Yankee Pot Roast, M-Brane SF,
Scientia Magna, three of Clifford Pickover’s books,, AlienSkin, Recreational
and Educational Computing, Escaping Elsewhere, Neometropolis, Thirteen, Dogmatika, Prime
Curios, the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, OG’s Speculative Fiction, Nocturnal
Ooze, Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens and other publications. He currently resides
in Oklahoma with his wife, Christine.



  2. Thanks for the sharing. I will keep in mind..

  3. Sy bukan peminat sos ni.tapi mana sumber rujukan anda.kalau sumber primer tunjukkan bukti surat atau email..kalau ckp2 atas air liur shj ja hanya ckp2 atas air liur..aku da google xda hati babi pon dlm tu..stakat ikan bilis bukan haram pon.. Sama mcm budu

  4. Sebagai pengguna yang bijak, pilihlah barangan buatan tempatan atau lebih kepada menghasilkannya sendiri (homemade recipe). Sudah tentu segalanya lebih segar dan bermutu.
    Secara hakikatnya membeli barangan import lebih terdedah kpd pelbagai risiko.Secara logiknya sekiranya anda sbgai pengilang. Mengeksport barangan ke lokasi yang jauh tanpa mengetahui sambutan pembeli dan pelbagai masalah produk terutama ketahanan produk tersebut (expired date) sudah tentu mendorong kpd penggunaan modifikasi bahan tambahan supaya produk tahan lebih lama..Di sinilah pihak pengilang mengambil kesempatan utk menggunakan bhn termurah.Oleh kerana secara kebetulan bhn yg kita ketahui haram mereka gunakan lebih murah.Maka tanpa mengambil kira isu haram/halal.Ia merupakan perkara biasa bagi pengeluar produk.
    Oleh itu, kita sebagai pengguna haruslah bijak membuat pilihan.Rajin membaca dan teliti dalam setiap penilaian..Dunia IT semakin meluas dan byk resepi membuat sos ini secara 'homemade' dan halal telah dikongsi.
    Setiap perkara..sentiasa ada pilihan yang lebih baik.Tepuk dada tanyalah selera anda.

  5. x tau pulak ikan bilis haram..

  6. Harap Maklum:

    Lea & Perrins - Worcestershire Sauce is Halal. Certified by The Muslim Food Board U.K

  7. Tu ikan bilis. Kan mmg ada ikan bilis dibyat cam budu tu.. -_-"

  8. Haha bahlol gile.. Ade anchovies dlm sos pun dah pelik.. Sos ikan, budu, sos anchovy. Tu la masalahnye,org lain tulis blog sibuk nk tulis gk. Kalau xde ilmu xde bab2 mcm tu, xyah la tulis bukan2 smpai nk haramkan produk org x kisah la produk luar ke local

    1. aku harap ko dan yg lain2 kat komen ni baca...bodoh tul ko tlg jgn buat anak...ko pelik kenapa dia pelik dgn anchovies?sebab bukan org buat blog ni yg tulis la bodo!! baca betul2 jgn main scan je mcm pandai..

    2. tambah petikan org lain yg penulis blog ni ambik...dari curious dgn achovies smpai le ke hati babi...babi la ko..

  9. Correct me if i am wrong but Lea & Perrins do have halal certificate. And there is a group -boycot halal-, they do boycot this product due to its halal status. And since when did anchovies become non halal ? Hehe

  10. boleh x sesape bantu saya, macam mn nk dapatkan link The Muslim Food Board U.K. saya try search for halal in L&P sauce ni x jmpe lagi.. Mohon bantu..


thanks 4 reading...


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