Monday, April 22, 2013

meaning gwiyomi/kiyomi

first of all i want to ask what is gwiyomi exactly ? it just like a fenomenon around the world that spread out very fast,just like the GAGNAM STYLE song.. and gwiyomialso come from the same county that is south korea.. what i am thinking right now that why is everybody is paying attention for the cuteness of that song and the person that makes that video,it just not making any sense,since i am also get infect fromgwiyomi..

what i get from google translate is the meaning of gwiyomi is..... none of answer that came out??? so how i want to get the meaning when icannot get it from google translate... if anybody outside that knows the answer please let me know it!! i've been crazy to know what is gwiyomi!!!

soo, this is for your relaxing method for the eyes before go to sleep... ENJOY!

 1+1 gwiyomi


6+6+chupchup chup chup GWIYOMI!

all gwiyomi step by step

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